Ever Feel Like You Don’t Have Anything To Say?

Let me ask you, how often do you catch yourself thinking?

“Oh, I have nothing to say.”

Or, “nobody wants to hear my opinion.”

Your brain might be in the habit of thinking this way.

Sometimes this habit shows up when you’re writing an email and you feel confused about what to write.

Or when you’re in a meeting and you’re tempted to speak up and then feel tongue-tied.

Or when you second guess whether to do a Facebook Live.

Or even comment on someone’s post on social.

Oh, I bet you’ve said this before, because I know I have too. 

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But to put it bluntly, no one has expressed themselves the way you can. Because no one else has your specific viewpoint.

No one else has lived your life.

So, this is about how you show up

As yourself.

Because guess what?

You’re the only YOU that has ever existed (or ever will)


No one can say it exactly the way you can.

And that alone is powerful. 

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Your opinion matters, your input is important, your perspective might be the spark that inspires someone else to feel better or take action.

I bet you have plenty to say when you feel comfortable. Right? 
It’s true our brains like to take the easy path and automatically offer up ‘habit thoughts’.(those are the ones your brain runs on auto-pilot).

If you’re used taking a backseat and thinking “I have nothing important to say” it will take some awareness and practice to change.

But, don’t worry you can learn a new way.

You can start by simply noticing the next time you realize you’ve stayed quiet instead of speaking up.

You can say to yourself “Hey, we’re not doing that anymore. My contribution is important and what I have to say is valuable.” 

Have a great week 


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