How To Make A Vision Board That Really Works

How to make a vision board that works. Vision boards work as a visualization tool to help you reach your life goals.

So many people ask me, how do I make a vision board that really works?

As I’m writing this, spring has begun. The first few months of the year are over, and it’s time to reassess. How is your year going so far? Are you on track to reach your dreams?

It’s tradition, most of us spend a huge amount of time in December thinking, planning and dreaming about what we want to create in the new year. I’m intentionally writing this to you if you’ve lost steam and you’re not making the progress you had hoped for. Maybe you’ve turned around and realized you’ve fallen back into some of your old habits or you’ve lost motivation because I want you to create a spectacular life. I want you to experience all the good life has to offer, and I know if you’ve got a dream, it inspires you because you CAN reach it no matter how off track you might be.


At the start of each new season, it’s a great time for you to review and refresh your dreams, goals and vision. Maybe it’s time for you to try your hand at creating a vision board???? One of the best ways to do this is to check out my online workshop where I walk you step-by-step how to create a digital vision board. 

This article is a primer. I highly recommend you bookmark it and download a  copy of my guidebook too. Follow the instructions and step by step you will create a gorgeous Vision Board to keep you inspired. When you create it intentionally, with the focus on the excitement, contentment anticipation and thrill that you want to hold, you will be able to use it as extra support when you’ve lost motivation or you’ve run into a speedbump on the way to your goals.


It’s a collage of images, pictures and affirmations that captures the essence of your dreams and desires. It’s meant to remind you of the direction you are going and what you want to do, be and have. It serves as inspiration and motivation, and it uses the law of attraction to attain goals.

Vision boards have been around for years, and you will find tons of super successful people including many big celebrities (even the famed Oprah) use them.


There are a few reasons, and they range from the completely logical and scientific through to the woo-woo!

First, let’s tackle why they work. It’s unusual for any of us to take a dedicated block of time and deeply think about what you want and understand how you think these goals and experiences will satisfy you. When you dive into the underlying meaning of your goals instead of just thinking about them at a surface level, you will set even more powerful goals that you are deeply drawn to. When you dedicate this time and focus, it means you’ve probably chosen the best goals for you right now…this type of goal comes complete with a lot more inherent motivation.

Second, there is a part of our brain called the reticular activating system.  It is responsible for why you see so many red cars when you’ve just bought the perfect red car. The RAS is a filter that shows us more of what we’re interested in and less of the things we think are unimportant. When you focus on your vision board, your reticular activating system will begin to show you opportunities and connections that will help you reach your goal.

Because the things you’ve placed on your vision board really matter to you-you will be more likely to do more than just dream about them. My guess you’re way more motivated to do the work and take inspired action. The more inspired action you take, the more likely you are to reach your goal.


Making a vision board is easy! Create a sacred space and get creative!

Another great idea, why don’t you consider hosting a vision board party? Get a group of friends together; everyone brings something to drink and snack on. Gather your supplies and have fun while you start a vision board together. 

1. Schedule

Block off time in your calendar where to dream, play and make a vision board. Set aside some dedicated time, 2 – 3 hours should be enough.

2. Gather Supplies

Here’s a list of potential vision board materials:

  • Magazines (get a large assortment of magazines to find images for vision board)
  • Glue Sticks
  • Markers
  • Glitter glue, tape, stickers, push pins
  • Poster board or cork board
  • Scissors
  • Optional 3-D elements to add interest (charms, scrabble tiles)
  • Guidebook and Vision Board Printables (download them here)

Hint: If you don’t want to do all the cutting and glueing consider making a digital vision board or make an online vision board instead. 

For inspiration check out Pinterest for sample vision board ideas and some great vision board examples. 

3. Get Comfortable

Get changed and slip into your favourite tee and yoga pants.

4. Sacred Space

Create a peaceful and energized space before you begin.

Choose your favourite music and turn off the TV.

Set your intention to create a thing of beauty that represents your highest and most fulfilling future with some centred breathing or a guided meditation. Light a candle.

Your vision board helps you manifest what you want and build a life with positive, uplifting energy.

5. Decide How You Want To Feel

Your emotions are one of the biggest factors in creating a vision board that really works. They will guide what you put on your vision board.  If you think about it, you will find it’s not having the new house, new car or trip that is satisfying, it’s how these things will make you feel! 

All our goals are the result of a desire to create feelings.

We all want to feel happiness, pride, belonging, love, inspiration, fun, joy, and grace.

What feelings do you think your goals will create?

6. Assemble

Go through the magazines, guidebook and PDF Printables. Cut out anything that appeals to you. Don’t censor or question yourself.

Use this motto “if you like it …cut it out”.

Once you’ve assembled a selection of photos, words, pdf printables that appeal to you, pause, and take a moment to get centred again.

Remind yourself how you want to feel when you have created the life of your vision.

7. Arrange

Now start arranging your photos, quotes and printables on the poster board. It’s your choice, you can be very structured, or you can place them on the board in any way you find pleasing. You probably will use only some of the photos and words you originally chose, and that’s ok. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Trust yourself; you will know when your vision board feels complete.

If you feel the need for inspiration have a peek at my Pinterest Board, I’ve pinned a bunch of examples and pictures of vision boards to get your creative juices flowing.

Arrange all the pieces and after that the next step and start glueing!!!

After glueing add embellishments. These are optional; not everyone wants sparkles, stickers and 3d elements on their vision board.

It’s your dream board; you get to make it exactly the way you want it!

If all this sounds good, but you’re still not sure exactly what to do have a peek at my online workshop. It’s a recording of a 2-hour live workshop where I showed a group of people exactly what to do to create a vision board.


Creating a visualization board is the first big step, but you can’t just sit on the couch and expect your dreams to come true. You’ve got to work for them.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean hard labour, nose to the grindstone kind of work. I’m talking about inspired work. There is nothing more energizing and exciting than moving towards the life you truly want to create.

Spend time looking at your vision board, focus on it every day, remind yourself of what you are working towards. As you look at the board, dream about how you will feel when this dream has come true.

Put the dream board somewhere you will see it frequently. You can post it in your bedroom, on the fridge or an office wall.  Or you can take a photo of the board and keep it on your phone for quick and easy access.  Use the board to fan the flames of your passion and motivation. Then pay attention to what shows up for example, what idea pops into your mind? Who do you suddenly think of?  Realize this is no accident. It is inspiration guiding you. Now it’s up to you.  When you get an idea, any idea, write it down so you don’t forget and as soon as you can run with it and take action. Each action you take brings your dreams closer to reality.

Remember too when I told you that every goal you want is because you want to experience a certain feeling?  After you connect with your vision and goals every day, you will be evoking those same feelings that you truly desire in the present.

The result? You will start living a more satisfying life now by consciously feeling those emotions every day and you will find that you did it, you created a vision board that really works.

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