This Magic Pill Will Help You Eliminate Stress

When you’re frustrated or feeling stressed, do you wish you could snap your fingers and magically feel good?
Aren’t we all stressed out these days?
Now you might be saying….umm isn’t that normal?
Duh, of course!!
Yup, we’re all stressed.

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Maybe for you, it shows up as constant neck pain or with your shoulders scrunched up around your ears from shouldering the weight of the world.

Or maybe it’s a giant twisted knot in the pit of your stomach that makes you feel like sick.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could feel your shoulders smoothly drop and your stomach relax?

Yes, it would.

I share this technique with every one of my clients, but I haven’t really shared this simple and easy practice with you.

It’s called box breathing, sometimes it’s called bamboo breathing, and it will help you.

You can do it anywhere, anytime and you don’t need any special equipment.

Here’s how it works, (why don’t you follow along and give it a try).
Count slowly in your mind.
Count and focus on your physical sensation of breathing.
Inhale to the count of 4.
Hold your breath for the count of 4
Exhale to the count of 4
Now hold empty for the count of 4.
That’s one cycle. 4 in, 4 hold, 4 out, 4 hold.
Repeat this cycle two more times and notice what’s changed. Now rate your stress level on a scale of 1 to 10.
Every single client that I show this to, feels better, smoother, calmer usually within one minute.
Box breathing is simple, it’s practical and it works.
Try it, use it and tell me what you think.
 Have a great day,

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